10 Best-Kept Secret Travel Destinations in the World

If you have been to the Caribbean islands more than once, and visited Europe in the summer, you are probably now starting to look for a lesser-known island or adventure destination that only true explorers know about.

Plan a vacation to an under-the-radar destination and still see the majestic Northern Lights, hike a volcano, scuba dive, and indulge in world-class chocolate and tasty local delicacies.

Many spots, even those closer to home in the U.S. are overlooked. But they are worthy of another look and tourist are slowly beginning to realize why. Famous bucket list cities are certainly deserving, but wanderers will never be satisfied with popular vacation spots that have been overexposed.

Western Brook Pond, Canada

Go on a 2-hour boat tour with live interpretation. This is considered a Canadian Signiture Experience, according to Parks Canada. Ride between massive billion-year-old cliffs, see waterfalls that cascade into the park’s largest lake from ponds atop the plateau. The trail, currently closed due to consultation, is inside the Gros Morne National Park Moose Management Area.

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