14 Extreme Travel Activities To Get Your Heart Pumping

Traveling is often about pushing yourself to your limits and living a little dangerously, which is why backpackers are increasingly challenging themselves to face their fears, break records, challenge their fitness and seek some thrills. Not satisfied with lazing on the beach, shopping and sightseeing, people are traveling far and wide to do something…well…a little more James Bond-esque. These action-packed, thrill-seeking, adrenaline pumping, death-defying activities are something to write home about…. if you survive!

Shark-cage diving in South Africa and Australia

dangerous travel activities

Most people, especially those who’ve seen the movie Jaws, hope they never see a Great White shark. Hear someone shout “shark” and swimmers usually start paddling as fast as they can. But those who seek to live a little on the edge and get up-close-and-personal with one of the deadliest creatures on earth, can. Shark cage diving can be done in the oceans off the coast ofShark cage diving can be done in the oceans off the coast of South Africa (at Gansbaai) or in Australia where a boat takes you from Port Lincoln to the Neptune Islands. Bait is thrown into the water and then you wait for these deadly predators to follow the scent. The shark cage is lowered into the water and there is nothing to separate you and the sharks except the galvanized steel mesh cage with a viewing gap to get the perfect view of those shiny teeth.

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