14 Extreme Travel Activities To Get Your Heart Pumping

Ice-climbing in the Rocky Mountains

Dangerous travel activities like ice-climbing make even winter a thrill

Ice-climbing is quickly becoming the new adrenaline sport for climbers who are bored with average rocks and who want something a little more fragile. Ice offers far more of a thrill, the risk of it breaking, the risk of an avalanche and the risk of getting hypothermia in the extreme temperatures.Experienced climbers climb up frozen waterfalls and icefalls or mountains capped with ice for the ultimate thrill.

Rock-climbing in the Yosemite Valley

The climbing mecca of the Yosemite Valley is a haven for rock-climbing enthusiasts. The imposing El Capitan, Yosemite’s granite wall rising 1000 metres above California’s Merced River, is seen by many as the planet’s most famous and greatest rock climb. .Most climbers take around five days to make the ascent, while the quickest person to scale the wall did it in less than three hours.

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