Backpacking Great Smoky Mountains National Park: A First Timer’s Trek Into The Woods

Goodnight, Moon.

Although I was kept reasonably comfortable in my sleeping bag, I awoke several times thanks to the incessant sound of pouring rain hitting our tent throughout the night. Worst of all was the wind, pounding us on the side of our tent. The feeling of the tent brushing against me every so often felt too much like how I’d imagine the snout of 300-pound animal would feel. I shot upright several times throughout the night.

Finally, I opened my eyes and saw daylight accompanied with the sound of rainwater bouncing off our tent from the surrounding trees. Despite the rather raucous introduction to the trip, the steady hum of the nearby rapids proved relaxing enough to get enough sleep in.

Slowly, I peeked my head out of our tent to see our bags were still intact and no bear was waiting outside with a plate and silverware. Relieved, we each threw down a pizza bagel before washing off a bit and continuing our trek.

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