Getting to Know the Sharks in Guadalupe Island, Mexico

A Close Encounter

“So Maurice, it’s just me and you on this dive,” Divemaster Darren said. My dive buddy Shara, a very experienced diver from California had decided to take break after multiple dives. She got some spectacular images with her GoPro. I’ll never forget the little jig she’d do underwater after getting a good shot. I needed some of those for my upcoming movie about this experience.I never could get used to the creaking and jerking of the winch as the shark cage slowly descended down to 35 feet. I continually cleared my ears as we sunk, and if I wasn’t careful the pain in my ears would get so bad that I thought my head would burst.

When we hit depth I saw two very large females circling about in the distance. They weren’t too far away and when they noticed us they came right over to investigate. As I watched them grow closer I looked up through my exhaled air bubbles and saw Darren calmly watching them both, continually stamping on a burlap sack of tuna remains to keep their interest.

Sharks and cage-divers

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