Once in a Lifetime Adventure in Capitol Reef

I love nature and I love adventure. Something about fresh air filling my lungs with a western backdrop will always appeal to me. Despite my preference for city-living, few things satisfy me more than a week (or two) away from it all.

Capitol Reef country offers that and then some. That’s why it’s high on my list for an adventure getaway.


Southern Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park is part of a warp in the earth’s crust (known as the Waterpocket Fold) that’s around 65 million-years-old. If nerding out on geology isn’t your thing, then suffice it to say that this geological marvel promises to be a fantastic playground for all things outdoors.

Inside the park, hikers and the like will find canyons, towers, cliffs, domes, arches, and impassable ridges. Those ridges are what early settlers called, “reefs,” thus the latter half of the park’s name. Hundreds of miles of trails and unpaved roads await adventurers looking for some backcountry action.

Otherwise, I’m happy getting a little wet on the rapids of the Colorado and Green rivers.

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