Top 6 Best Place Treks in South America

As if South America was crumpled together by two big hands to form a giant crease, the jagged peaks of the Andes rise up along the West coast of the continent. The second biggest mountain range in the world is a constant presence as you travel through South America – affecting climates, cultures and the lives of those who live in their mighty shadows.

Is it any wonder then, that this part of the world offers some of the best trekking and most awesome scenery known to man? As backpackers, we merely skirt around the edges of the impossible pinnacles, hiking in the foothills on footpaths, which cut through the mountains and allow us a taster of their terrifying beauty.

Summiting Huayna Potosí – BOLIVIA

The hardest trek on the list, and in fact the only trek where you actually summit an Andean mountain, the Huayna Potosí hike is not for the faint-hearted.

The trek requires technical rock climbing to reach the peak and a good head for heights is needed, add to that the problems caused by altitude sickness at this level and you’ll understand that this trek needs to be taken seriously!

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