Western Canada’s best-kept secrets for adventure

Western Canada is home to some of the most beautiful hidden gems. Whether it’s the stunning view of the mountains in Alberta or the beautiful trails in Saskatchewan, these four hidden gems will soon (hopefully) make it on to your travel bucket list.

From coast to coast, Canadians shared their favorite travel spots to inspire getaways for travelers all over the world. Here are a few from Western Canada:
Western Canada Outdoors: Grassi Lake

Grassi Lakes

Location: Canmore, Alberta

This view alone will take your breath away. These lakes are located in the southern Canadian Rockies and overlook the idyllic city of Canmore. As you get ready to hike through the trail, you’ll find your eyes glaring at beautiful clear blue water. This is the perfect spot to relax by the water and be thankful for the beautiful landscape that resides in Canada.

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