6 Tricks to Climb Better on Your Bike

Assume a Position of Power

Taking full, deep breaths is important to quiet your mind and to deliver fresh oxygenated blood to your legs. Do it by keeping your back straight and chest open, to allow maximum airflow into your lungs. Relax your arms so that your elbows are outside of your hips. When it’s time to stand, click into the next larger gear, and stand on the top of the pedal stroke to minimize loss of momentum. Stand with your rear end over the saddle, keeping your weight centered over the bottom bracket. Avoid leaning forward, which unweights the rear and can cause skidding, or make you inadvertently toss your bike backward, which is alarming and potentially dangerous for any riders who may be close behind. You should feel like you’re lightly running uphill on the pedals, allowing the bike to rock gently, but not excessively, from side-to-side.

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