Camera Terminology for DSLR Lenses

Although many parts of the digital camera are important, the lens might be the most important one. Without a quality lens, your photos have no chance of being sharp and bright. However it can be difficult to decipher the exact differences between lenses without knowing some of the camera terminologies specifically for lenses. It can be a little confusing to understand some of the terms commonly used with lenses.

When shopping for a camera, make sure you pick the type of lens that will work well for your situation by learning the most important camera lens terminology.

  • Zoom

Some photographers refer to zoom as the magnification of an image, allowing the photographer to shoot a “close-up” photo without having to move closer to the subject. However, the actual definition for zoom is the ability of a lens to shoot at multiple focal lengths. In other words, the zoom lens can shoot a wide angle shot or a telephoto shot or both. Not all lenses offer a zoom capability.

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