How to Choose the Best DSLR Camera for Your Needs

Think About What You Need

It can be somewhat daunting to decide what you want. First, your budget will make a big difference to what type of DSLR you buy. You’ll need a bigger budget for a DSLR camera, as DSLRs start from around $500, while pro-quality cameras can cost anywhere from $3,500-$10,000!

Then there are the practical considerations. If weight is an issue, then one of the cheaper DSLR cameras will be a good option, as their bodies tend to be made from lightweight plastic. However, if you need a rugged camera that will stand up to a few knocks, you’ll need to be spending more to get a magnesium body.

Another extremely important consideration is lenses. If you’ve come from a film background and already have a lot of one manufacturer’s lenses, then it will make sense to buy a DSLR that matches that brand name. If you think you might want to build up your lens collection extensively, choose a manufacturer that has a wide range. Additionally, if you want to use specialized lenses (such as “Tilt and Shift” lenses for architecture), keep in mind that some DSLRs aren’t compatible with them.

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