Tips for Finding the Best Filters for DSLR Camera Lenses

  • To begin shooting movies, your camera probably has one of three options. First, you may be able to turn the mode dial to movie mode (usually marked with an icon that looks like a movie camera) and then press a record button or the shutter button. Second, you may have to look through the camera’s on-screen menus to find and activate the movie mode, which you then can start and stop with the shutter button, which is the case with the GE E1680W, which is pictured here. Third, you may have a dedicated movie recording button, possibly marked with a movie camera icon or a red dot/record icon. Just pressing this dedicated button will start and stop the movie recording. If you plan to shoot a lot of movies, the dedicated movie button probably is the best option, as it will be the fastest and easiest to access. However, point and shoot cameras with a dedicated movie button tend to cost more.
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