Do you have a secret hiking trail to share with us? Tell us in the comments below. SCARBOROUGH BLUFFS It’s hard to believe these majestic cliffs are actually within the […]

Zion National Park is great to drive through. There are tons of pull offs with short, easy hikes for the whole family. We’re not hardcore hikers, and our fitness level […]

Even before Jaws popularized the image of a giant man-eating shark terrorizing an entire town and eating anything and everything in its path, people have long been scared of sharks. […]

To get to know Croatia, start on the coast. Just barely the size of West Virginia, Croatia has more than 3,600 miles of coastline and 1,200 islands. The jagged landscape of limestone […]

Cenotes, or natural, water-filled sinkholes, are an important part of Maya history. These natural formations are usually part of a linked, underground cave system found in the Yucatan Peninsula. Believed […]

I love the American West, especially the high desert of southern Utah, where vast landscapes look more like surreal dreamscapes and giant silhouettes of red sandstone ignite the imagination. The […]

As if South America was crumpled together by two big hands to form a giant crease, the jagged peaks of the Andes rise up along the West coast of the […]