25 Frugally Fun DIY Dog Toys To Pamper Your Pooch

3. DIY Christmas Dog Chew Toy

DIY Christmas Dog Chew Toy

The holidays are definitely approaching and what better gift for your beloved pet than this great Christmas tree dog chew toy? It’s really easy to make with green felt and some pillow stuffing. Add ornaments if you want with embroidery thread and customize however you wish. Your little dog is sure to love seeing this in his stocking.

Tutorial: runningwithagluegun

4. DIY Feeder Toy

DIY Feeder Toy

Satisfy his thirst for adventure and his appetite with this great DIY dog feeder that doubles as a toy. You can stuff dog kibble or treats inside the pipe, which is inexpensive PVC from your local hardware store. Your dog will love that he can chew on the pipe and that he gets treats through the strategically placed holes. You’ll love that it’s easy and really inexpensive to create.

Tutorial: dogtipper

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