23 Tricks and Hacks to Clean Things You Thought Were Impossible

Even the most clean-conscious of us have cleaning projects that stump us. There are plenty of tricky items around the house that seem to defy cleaning, whether because they are in an awkward location or are an awkward shape, they are made of delicate materials, or simply because you couldn’t fathom where to actually begin.

Luckily, someone or another has figured out how to clean whatever it is that is stumping you, and we have gathered almost two dozen of those tricky items together in this post. You should find at least one (and probably more) solution to something that has stumped you in the past. Check it out.

Dog Toys


For a tutorial on how to safely clean plastic pet toys, check here.

Car Vinyl


Use a toothbrush to clean your car’s vinyl.

Ceiling Fans


Using a pillow case makes cleaning fans a snap!

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