29 Smart Tricks And Hacks To Un-Stress Your Life

Life is stressful in general. Between all our responsibilities—work, home, and family—and the general day to day mishaps (things big to small that go completely wrong or at least not like we had planned or hope), it’s amazing that far more people aren’t constantly stressed.

Although there are relaxation techniques you could try and medication you could take, the simplest way to reduce stress is to eliminate the problems causing the stress in the first place. Now, of course you can’t eliminate every stress causing problem, but even eliminating a few minor ones can greatly help reduce your overall stress level. Check out the suggestions below for ideas.

Cake Freshness


Keep cakes from going stale with this trick using a slice of bread.

Portion Ground Meat


Use a chopstick and a Ziploc bag to portion meat before you freeze it so it is easy to grab just the amount you need.

Stain Removal


Whipping your stain removal mixture can help remove some stains. Check it out.

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