30 Captivating Backyard Succulent Gardens You Can Easily DIY

2. Wheelbarrow Succulent Garden

Wheelbarrow Succulent Garden

An old wheelbarrow is the perfect place to plant your succulents. If you don’t have a rusty old wheelbarrow or wagon, you can pick them up for just a few dollars at a flea market or yard sale. Add some pea gravel or river stones and some mesh and potting soil. Then add your succulents. This little mini garden is perfect if you don’t have much ground room to plant succulents and it’s a big portable so you can move it when you need to do so for landscaping and such.Source/Tutorial: drought-smart-plants

3. Cinder Block Succulent Garden

Cinder Block Succulent Garden

If you have a few cinder blocks in the backyard, and most people do, you can use them to create a beautiful display area for your succulents. Just place the cinder blocks a few tiers deep and add potting soil. Then place your succulents wherever you want them to build the display that you want. you may also want to add a few plants that hang, especially if you stack the blocks pretty high, or paint the blocks before you stack them if you want to create a theme or have a specific color that matches your exterior.

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