Top 10 Relaxing DIY Zen Gardens Features That Add Beauty To Your Backyard

If you are in need of some relaxation and you just don’t have time to visit the spa, why not build your own Zen garden? I have a list of 10 of the most relaxing DIY Zen garden features that you can add to your backyard to give it that Zen garden look, and many of these aren’t time consuming or expensive additions.

You can completely transform your backyard into a peaceful paradise by just adding a new element or two. In some of these cases, you can just move some things around or maybe change up an element or two. Whether you want to turn your entire backyard into a Zen garden or you just want to create a small peaceful place to sit and unwind at the end of a busy day, there is definitely a way for you to do that. And, you are going to be surprised at how cheap and easy it is to totally transform your backyard.

So, if you are ready to build your own little piece of paradise, I’m ready to show you these amazing Zen garden features that you totally need in your life right now. These are all such simple ideas but they make a profound impact. Not only will they help you to relax, they will improve the look of your property and permanent features will raise your property value. If you have ever wanted to add some Zen to your life, now is the time and I have the perfect Zen garden features to help you to get there.

1. Rocks And Sand

Rocks And Sand

Rocks and sand or gravel are at the heart of most Zen gardens. You can add a bit of Zen to your own backyard by simply creating a spot for your sand and adding in larger rocks wherever you want. You can keep a small hoe or rake to move the sand about from time to time or give it a ripple look so that it resembles ocean waves. After all, ocean waves are the most relaxing things, aren’t they?

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