18 Retirement Planning Books to Help You Achieve Success When You Retire

Best Retirement Books – Sooner or later we all reach that golden age of retirement. The thought of retirement is wonderful. But it takes a lot of planning to be able to retire and not need to get some sort of second job to balance your financial books.

Are you ready for retirement? Do you, or will you, have enough income put away to live a nice life off of the profits when you retire?

If your answer is no, then you should consider the 18 retirement books below to be “must reads”.

You may already have a nice retirement nest egg.  Maybe you are already well into the process of saving and planning for your retirement. You may understand the fundamentals of retirement planning quite well.

In those cases every  you may want to cherry pick the books below to find the ones with truly fresh information to help you plan for retirement.

But even reading information you “know” can help light a spark and be a great reminder to help you reach your retirement goals.

When is the best time to start reading these retirement planning books?

Due to the power of compounding interest, the best time to start reading these retirement books and beginning to make a plan and starting to save for retirement is when you are young.

Even as young as 18-20 is a great time to begin putting away a few dollars toward retirement. A few dollars saved when young can grow to a nice nest egg by the time you reach your golden years.

The second best time to start retirement planning is “tomorrow”. Even if you only have a few years to retirement, this “emergency” mode retirement is better than not saving for retirement at all.

The clock is always ticking on retirement. You don’t want to put money into play without a plan, but it is essential to understand everything about retiring ASAP and begin your planning as early as possible.

Below are 18 of the best books on retirement.

Using some of these best investing books will help you at the very young age to start saving and come up with best retirement plans.

  • These retirement planning books will help you maximize retirement savings.
  • They will help you understand how to get the most from social security.
  • These books will show you how to live frugally on your retirement savings.
  • Give ideas for retiring overseas.
  • Give practical information on  where to live when you retire.
  • Show you how to “semi-retire”.
  • They will finally how to make money in retirement from your passions.

So waste no time, retirement comes sooner than you know. Start learning and planning for retirement now!

18 Best Retirement Planning Books to Help you Achieve Success When You Retire

1. The Smartest Retirement Book You’ll Ever Read: Achieve Your Retirement Dreams–in Any Economy by Daniel R. Solin

This retirement book teaches the reader about the basics of making investments while considering the current economic scene. It also touches on other financial subjects such as reverse mortgages, social security distribution, delaying retirement, and prenuptial agreements for people who get married later in life.

Solin offers a clever and witty read with a skeptical approach to the art and process of investing, and makes it clear that he is trying to help his readers rather than businesses.

Throughout this book, Solin uses humor, but also stays on topic and writes in a succinct way to get his point across to the reader. This book has charts and other tools to help the readers distribute their money in a way that will allow it to grow into enough savings for retirement.

With its simple strategies, this is an easy book for people to follow. It warns people about possible scams that can cause them to lose money, and sets up a plan so that your money will outlive you.

It also addresses common mistakes that people make that deplete their retirement money too quickly, and looks into some financial lifelines that people can rely on if necessary.

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