7 Secret Tricks to Upgrade Your Vacation for Less

When you’re planning a vacation, the last things you want on your mind are high airfare, hotel and food costs. After all, you should be relaxing in luxury — right?

Luckily, you don’t need to spend a lot to get more out of your vacation. Follow these tips to upgrade your vacation and travel like a millionaire — without the budget.

Book Cheap Airfare With Hidden-City Ticketing
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Book Cheap Airfare With Hidden-City Ticketing

Airline ticket prices aren’t based on distance traveled, but by market demand, said Jessica Festa, the travel blogger behind Jessie on a Journey. When booking your flight, you need to consider more than just direct flights.

“Your most direct flight won’t always be your cheapest option,” she said. “In fact, adding an extra leg to your itinerary that you won’t actually fly can save you tons of money.”

Festa suggested playing around on airline booking sites and flight-leg combinations. You can also use Skiplagged.com, which does the work of finding the cheapest flights for you.

“Just make sure to book two one-leg trips, instead of two round-trips, as once you don’t complete a section of your booking, the rest typically gets cancelled,” she said.

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