7 Secret Tricks to Upgrade Your Vacation for Less

Visit Attractions on Free or Discount Days
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Visit Attractions on Free or Discount Days

In practically any city you visit, you canĀ find attractions that are free, or at least heavily discounted on certain days, said Katie Lara, a travel journalist.

“For example, there are plenty of free museums or at least days where fees are waived,” she said. “You just have to do your research in advance.”

In New York City, museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art allow you to pay what you want for entry, even though it isn’t advertised, Lara said. Museums that offer this practice usually use wording such as a “suggested ticket price.”

“Most parks and outdoor attractions are free, and this is often where locals actually hang out,” Lara said. “Central Park, for instance, is the best place to hang in NYC, and it’s totally free.”

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