Here’s How to Get the VIP Travel Treatment You Deserve

Staying in hostels might be fun when you’re in your 20s. However, older travelers are often looking for something a little less rustic — and a little more luxurious — when planning vacations.

While few of us can afford to travel like a rock star, you might be surprised to learn that VIP trips don’t have to cost a fortune.

How to Enjoy VIP Treatment When You Travel

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Visit Countries With Favorable Exchange Rates

Choosing a destination where the American dollar is strong makes it easier for you to afford VIP accommodations, dining and activities, said Barry Choi, a personal finance and budget travel expert at Money We Have.

“For instance, Brexit caused the English pound to drop by 10 percent, while the failed Turkish coup saw the lira drop by 5 percent,” he said. “So, even if your flights end up costing more, your reduced ground costs could easily make up the difference.”

With the dollar at a 14-year high, your options for VIP trips are virtually endless. As of 2017, some of the travel spots where the dollar goes furthest include Vietnam, Thailand and Argentina, among others. Why waste money on an expensive American resort when you can relax in Riviera Maya for less?

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