Here’s How to Get the VIP Travel Treatment You Deserve

How to Enjoy VIP Treatment When You Travel

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Use Your Words

When you think of getting VIP service, you probably picture people fawning over you, making sure you’re comfortable and giving you personalized advice and attention. Well, that’s what a new service aims to do in exchange for English lessons, or instruction in your native tongue.

At TalkTalkBnb, you can find locals all over the world willing to host you, make you a traditional dinner and take you on tours of the area. In exchange, you’ll speak to your hosts in your native tongue, said the company’s Amanda Elsner.

“Most travelers spend over a fifth of their budget on lodging, and 90 percent of their food budget goes to fancy restaurant meals,” she said. “But with TalkTalkBnb, you get all of that and more, and the only currency you need is your natural ability to speak a language.”

The site currently has 25,000 users in 120 countries. “I stayed in a country manor in Lorient, France, and had traditional Breton galettes for dinner, a drive along the sea and a visit to the islands,” Elsner said. “All for free, in exchange for speaking to my host in English.”

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