Success in planning your retirement is like running a marathon, WHY?

You need patience and stamina in order to get to the finish.

Ambitious runners always have a long-term training plan. They know how many small steps are necessary in order to be able to complete a marathon some time in the future. Successful retirement planning is also about achieving a long-term goal in a series of small stages.

And there are different ways in which to achieve this objective. Pillar 3 gives you free rein as to how you structure your private financial training sessions. With our range of funds, you can put together a pension training plan that perfectly matches your objectives and requirements.

A runner focusing on achieving a personal best in a marathon will pursue a series of ambitious steps, take more risks during training, and possibly finish with a truly memorable time.

Other runners may just want to cross the finishing line, however long it takes. Like runners, savers also have their own profiles that characterise how they go about realising their objectives. The saver looking to achieve maximum returns will be willing to accept greater risk when choosing a pension solution (e.g. one with a bigger equity allocation).

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