27 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Will Freak You Out Tonight

There’s a lot of unsolved mysteries, but only a few can chill you to the bone. Here are a collection of the heebie jeebiest unsolved mysteries c/o our friends at reddit.



“Michele Miscavige, she is the wife of the leader of scientology David Miscavige. She went missing in 2007 and hasn’t been seen in public since. There is a lot of speculation that she may be dead or held captive at one of their compounds.” — Operator4009


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“In France we have the Grégory Affair.

A mother goes get her 4 years-old boy at the childminder, once at home lets him play in the front yard while she does some laundry. 15 minutes later the boy is missing. Someone calls the boy’s uncle and tells him “I have taken the boy” and says he lies dead in the river. The boy is found dead hands and feet tied at the bottom of the river nearby.

The whole investigation is a total clusterfuck during which various members of the family are accused at some point, culminating with the boy’s father killing one accused member of the family with a shotgun. The case was reopened last year because of additional information, then the man who was the judge at the time committed suicide.

We still don’t know who did it.” — NAN001

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