27 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Will Freak You Out Tonight


Marc Calhoun

“The disappearance of the Eilean Mor lighthouse keepers.

The scene found by the people that went to check why there was no response was quite standard yet slightly off. 2 of the 3 water proof jackets were missing and in the kitchen they found pretty much everything normal except that one chair laying on the floor and there was still a meal on a table, suggesting that maybe they left in a hurry. The lightkeepers were nowhere.

The only clues that were gathered came from the lighthouse’s log. The entries the last few days there were written were weird:

severe winds the likes of which I have never seen before in twenty years. The log attendant, Thomas Marshall, wrote also noticed that James Ducat, the Principal Keeper, had been ‘very quiet’ and that the third assistant, William McArthur, had been crying. What is strange about the last thing is that William McArthur was a seasoned mariner, and was known on the Scottish mainland as a tough guy. Storms shouldn’t have been a big deal.

Entries the day later stated that the storm was still raging even worse that before, and that the lighthouse keepers had been praying for it to stop. Btw the lighthouse that was 150 feet above sea level, and not only they should have been perfectly safe but they should have known that. They were very experienced.

The thing is that no storms were reported in the whole area in any of the days close to the entries. The weather was calm.

The final log entry was made the day after. It said ‘Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all’.” — BioregenerativeLamp


“This case: http://fresnopeoplesmedia.com/2016/01/2829/

A man predicts the police will kill him and posts proof of surveillance vans outside his home. He’s then found dead in his burning home, having died of stab wounds. It’s considered a “suicide”. And there was no media attention.

Edit: I guess this isn’t really an “unsolved mystery”, but it’s definitely mysterious.” — -ratking-


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“Susan Powells case always gives me the heebie jeebies but mostly cause it happened so close to where I live.

Basically, in 2009 Susan Powell went missing. It’s noticed that she, her husband, and her two sons are missing the next day when no one shows up to work/daycare. Family starts trying to contact them to no avail. Finally a sister gets ahold of the husband, Josh. He said he went on a spontaneous camping trip with the kids. On a school night. In November. And now he didn’t know where Susan was.

There’s a lot of shady details. A fan drying a wet spot in his house. Some blood found in his house. He and his family tried to say Susan was having an affair, she ran away with her suitor. The kids say they had seen mommy in a trunk. Susans friends say she had become afraid. A journal of hers they found said she had moved to Utah from Washington because Josh’s dad scared her. She had told friends that Josh and his dad wanted to “share” Susan. Authorities later found hundreds of photo’s on Josh’s dads computer of Susan that she didn’t know were being taken.

I know what you are thinking; Josh killer her. Or his dad did. It seems clear cut. But because of some flubs in the initial investigation, despite all the suspicions, no one could get any real evidence. And more importantly; no one ever found Susan. Or her body. The case stagnated.

A few years later, Josh’s dad was arrested for having child pornography on his computer.

In 2012, after Josh had moved back to Washington, he exploded his house during a supervised visit with his sons. Investigation of the remains showed that Josh had locked himself in the house with the boys, hacked them up with an axe, before they all expired from smoke inhalation.

The next year, Josh’s brother also committed suicide.

And now, Josh’s dad, who many believe knows exactly where Susan’s body is, if he wasn’t involved with her murder himself, is out of prison and walking this world.

It’s been nearly 8 years since her disappearance. And still we are no closer to finding her body. This case haunts me because all signs point to Susan, a victim of abuse, murdered by her husband who would later go on to kill their children and himself. But we have no solid proof, and no body.” — IrisIncarnate

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