27 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Will Freak You Out Tonight


“For many decades there was only one hospital in the area I grew up, their closest competition about a half-hour drive away. For about 20 years they’ve had a reputation for screw-ups and questionable patient deaths. Both as a patient and being there for family members, I’ve had multiple experiences that made me agree with that reputation.

Several years ago there was a big to-do, as someone was murdered there. Their killer got past security after visiting hours, bypassed all medical staff, and then suffocated their victim with a pillow. The body was found with the pillow still over the victim’s face, a fact the police reported in an interview on the case.

Time passes, and new reports come up that the victim was strangled with cords in their hospital room, then the pillow was placed over the face.

A few days after that there’s a new report. There was no murder, it was an accident….where the bedridden victim somehow found the strength to get up, gather the cords in the room, then pull them tight enough to choke themselves to death…..and now there was no mention of the pillow the police noted as being there.

The media dropped the story immediately after that last report, with no questioning about the changes in the report. On top of that, if you try and search online the local TV stations seem to have totally scrubbed their old reports, except for one, which has the accident version of the story and nothing else.

About 20 years before this I got to witness a similar change in the facts regarding the reports of a fellow who died, because it looked bad for his employer that his death was because he did something stupid while looting. I honestly think the hospital used its clout to force the local media to bury their original reports and go with the accident theory, so as not to get a worse reputation. I really feel like someone got away with murder in part due to them wanting to protect the brand image.” — AsexualNinja


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“Nine year old girl packs a backpack and leaves her home between midnight and five am during a storm. several motorists see her along a highway. There is evidence of her in a near by barn, her backpack is found over a year later wrapped in plastic buried at a construction site. She’s never been found.” — ohhsweetgirl

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