7 Weird Paranormal Experiences That Almost Everyone Has Had And What They Really Mean

Almost everyone in the world has had at least one experience that they couldn’t explain. It could be a coincidence that seemed too particular to be happenstance. It could be a moment that had no realistic, or even rational, explanation.

What you will notice about these seemingly unexplainable instances is that a strong emotion is almost always evoked. In that lies the key to understanding what paranormal experiences are, and how they function in our lives.

Most supernatural phenomena can be chalked up to something called anthropomorphism. This is the way human beings attribute random, chaotic events to invisible, supernatural order. It helps to make sense of things – and to try to better control them – in an often unpredictable and random world.

This is reinforced by two psychological phenomenons: confirmation bias and anchoring effect. This is the way in which our brains pick out information that supports what we want to believe, and then grows to prefer that which we’ve already been exposed to. Through these two functions, we begin to insulate our lives to reaffirm ourselves.

The “paranormal experience” doesn’t matter as much as what it made the person think and feel. Their response to it is a projection of what they need to know.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, we can use these types of experiences to better understand ourselves, and even potentially expand the limits of our imaginations. Here are 7 of the most common ones, and what they might really mean about your life:


The experience: speaking to a psychic who predicted a life event down to an eerily specific detail.

What it really means: Psychic readings tend to be just vague enough that it can apply to almost anyone. Self-fulfilling prophecy comes into effect, especially when we like what predictions were made. It’s common for people to cherry pick the aspects of a reading that affirm what they already want for their lives, and then made a deeper subconscious attempt to manifesting that.

What it could mean: Everything is energy. Time is an illusion of consciousness. It could very well be possible that some super intuitive people are able to pick up on events in an individual’s current timeline, or events that are happening concurrent to the reading, in another dimension. Some people also believe in fate, or “soul contracts,” which is that some aspects of human life were pre-agreed to, and the intuitive person can just feel what those are.

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