7 Weird Paranormal Experiences That Almost Everyone Has Had And What They Really Mean


The experience: A tarot card reading that revealed the honest truth about a situation before you even knew it.

What it really means: Tarot can be a very powerful process because it is more or less like a new age inkblot test. What you see in the cards says everything about your situation, far more than what they could actually represent.

What it could mean: Some people believe in divination, or the way that celestial beings interject into human life in order to impart wisdom or forewarning. Cards are a means of delivering a message through random means.


The experience: Seeing a token from a deceased friend or relative, like a certain type of flower that keeps showing up, or a feather that lands on your hand.

What it really means: The brain is constantly picking up on and filtering through different stimuli available in your peripheral vision. That means that if you associate your deceased mother with lilacs, you’re going to be unconsciously seeking out lilacs and then drawing your attention to them, making the frequency of their presence in your life seem higher than normal.

What it could mean: A disembodied energy is drawing your attention to stimuli by making something innocuous (like a feather) come across your path. It is a harmless way to communicate their presence and to let you know that they are still with you.

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