7 Weird Paranormal Experiences That Almost Everyone Has Had And What They Really Mean


The experience: Waking up in the middle of the night, not being able to move, and seeing or hearing disembodied spirits talking or interacting with you.

What it really means: Sleep paralysis is a heavily studied medical phenomenon, in which the brain puts the body to sleep, but the mind stays awake. Hallucinations occur, often in the form of a demon or dark figure “pushing down on you” or holding you in place, which is likely a projection of the feeling that is being paralyzed.

What it could mean: This is also a way in which people report having out of body experiences, in which they meet and communicate with beings who have important messages for them, or get to experience a dimension parallel to this one.


The experience: A friend calling as soon as you think of them, as though you were communicating telepathically.

What it really means: It’s likely that you’re falsely associating having thought of them with being contacted by them. There are likely dozens of times you’ve thought of them without anything happening further. It’s just another case of confirmation bias, most likely.

What it could mean: Given that everything is fundamentally and essentially connected, it’s not impossible to wonder if we have the potential to communicate through nonverbal means (groups of animals do this when they flock together). It’s not that outlandish that humans could, too.

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