7 Weird Paranormal Experiences That Almost Everyone Has Had And What They Really Mean


The experience: A visitation from a ghostly figure, especially if it is repeated or randomly in the middle of the night.

What it really means: It’s most probable that there’s some other kind of stimuli in your life that’s spooking you, and that fear response is heightening your sensitivity to small sounds, smells or flashes that are normally present, but this time, you’re piecing them together to create an idea of something else being present in your home. It’s more important to consider what’s happening in your life at the time, and why it would seem necessary for you to believe that there is an invisible force in your home terrorizing you (for example, consider what invisible emotion or idea is scaring you in reality).

What it could mean: You could be seeing glimpses of disembodied energy, whether you believe that is a particular soul, or just a pocket of energy that doesn’t have anywhere to go (especially if it’s been built up, like a poltergeist).

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