Everything You Need To Know About The Incubus Demon

Personal Experiences With The Incubus Demon

Here are some personal experiences with incubus demons:

1. “About 3 years ago I visited my parents in the Philippines. They live in a a big house in a quiet province away from the city.

After a long flight from L.A and another flight to another island, I took a nap in one of the many rooms that they had. It was about mid afternoon. I was awaken to someone caressing my hair like it was moving it away from my face, I didn’t care at first because I was so tired and didn’t rationalize the situation yet. Then I felt someone kiss my lips, I still remember because I felt moist lips which was a little chapped kiss me gently while it put his hand behind my back to an arch. Only then did I realize that something was off. I was too scared to open my eyes because I didn’t want it to know I was awake, I taught it was a real person who broke in. When I suddenly had the courage to open my eyes it was a blueish clear figure on top of me. It was broad daylight. I couldn’t and didn’t want to look at him in the eyes, he just disappeared after ten seconds. I was freaked out I didn’t go back to sleep that day and ended up sleeping on a couch in my parents room.

I was around 25 that time. I don’t do drugs, or drink. Nothing could of altered to what I experience.” — Reddit user noCake4u.

2. “I was in a dark place and there was some kind of ritual going on. These two people threw me down into a coffin that was in an open grave and then something had me by the waist and raped me. I actually woke up having an orgasm. While drifting back to sleep I kept hearing this voice saying things like I’ve loved you from afar for so long, I adore you, just let me love you please. He said it over and over and over again just begging me. I kept getting flooded with warm and fuzzy, lovey-dovey images.

While this was happening I heard another voice say don’t fall for it. It will use whatever means it can think of to try and get you to consent. It will lie to you, it will guilt you, it will imitate past lovers in order to get to you. Just tell it to go away. So with a great deal of struggle I was able to tell it to go away.” — Reddit user zombiethoven.

3. “Yeah, I was with a guy for 2 years, and he would always tel me about scary and paranormal things that would happen at his house. he told me once that he was sleeping, and he woke up around 3 at night. He told me he couldn’t move for about 5 minutes and that he was covered in a cold sweat. All of the sudden he felt a cold hand on his neck. It started caressing him and he still couldn’t move. He then felt lips on his neck and whatever it was started kissing him. He told me of another time when he was washing his hair in the sink, because he didn’t want to get into the shower. I guess the sink was really deep and he could fit his whole head underneath the faucet. He then felt a force holding his head down in the water for almost a minute, and he was unable to breath. He told me that sucubuss’ could try and ruin the relationships of the people they’re following to try and get them all to themselves. We would argue and fight for no reason so I started to believe something was going on, like with sucubuss’.” — Reddit user Siennabears.

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