Everything You Need To Know About The Incubus Demon

4. “Basically I was going on about 5 months without getting laid and no matter what I did I just couldn’t seem to make it happen and I was kinda obsessing over it. One night, being weird, I was laying in bed just staring into silent darkness to trip myself out. The air kinda looked like static and I thought to myself “Just let it happen” and that when I completely relaxed and tried to lose myself in the darkness.

I felt really comfortable and started feeling getting rushes of new energy. It felt good. Then it went to my dick and felt super good. I was just chilling thinking I was tripping. I felt an essence reach through my body and lightly holding onto my colon. It was gentle but it felt very strong and I felt comfortable that I wouldn’t be harmed because if it wanted to harm me, it could very easily. I could feel this energy on top of me and through me.

It kept getting more intense and I loved it. I wanted more and more. That’s when it hit me. “Holy shit. Is this a succubus?” I tried to lift my arms and couldn’t. I felt this weighted heavy comfort mixed with sexual invigoration and I didn’t even have to move. I eventually was able to lift my arm. Then I laid it down again and the process started back. I kept going back and forth because 1. It felt awesome and 2. From what I know about succubi, they are energy vampires and I can’t have that.

So with all the will power I could muster, I stopped this amazing (feeling) moment and forced myself out of bed to the couch where I watched youtube videos. The sensations started again and I was super turned on. I went back and forth once again until eventually I resorted to saying “No. In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave.” (even though I’m not a Christian. I’ve just heard that’s what you’re supposed to say) sitting up for 2 hours until finally going back to sleep.” — An anonymous Reddit user.

5. “It kinda comes naturally when you have the libido of an incubus yourself. I have 3-4 succubi around, depending on who I reach out to and I enjoy their company daily.

I don’t like to share the experiences I have with them because people tend to objectify them as some kind of tools to be used for their own needs and desires, only to discard them once they’re satisfied. Succubi don’t appreciate that, not one bit.

If you’re not just looking to use them for a quick fling and have specific questions, let me know.” — Reddit user robert812003.

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