8 of the World’s Best Summer Skiing Destinations

If you’re lying there miserable in the heat, wishing for winter’s snow to come so that you can hit the slopes, you really don’t have to wait. There are a number of places throughout the world for summer skiing, including a few that may not be all that far from home. If you truly want to escape to a wintry wonderland, you could even head to the Southern Hemisphere, skiing snowy New Zealand pistes or the powder-topped mountains of Chile. Start packing now, and you can get out of the heat and onto slopes this summer in these fantastic destinations.

Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon

Timberline Lodge is the only true year-round ski area in the U.S., with prime summer skiing available in June and July. And, if you’ve ever wanted to ski on a volcano, this is the place. Timberline sits on the south side of Mount Hood, located about 60 miles east of Portland, and is the state’s highest mountain, rising abruptly to a lofty elevation of 11,239 feet above the coastal lowlands of western Oregon. It’s home to a number of glaciers, with summer skiing on Palmer Glacier popular with intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders due to its challenging runs and terrain parks. Many feel it has the very best summer snow scene on the plant, with everyone from Olympic athletes to freestyle enthusiasts heading here between the months of June and September.

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